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Un grazie speciale va anche a:

  • QC Terme where I can relax when I’m home

  • Golf Les Iles in Brissogne where I enjoy some green landscapes and try to do some good shots

  • Diesel my casual wear

  • Swarovski my jewels
  • Franco Curletto my hairstylist

  • National Olympic Committee
    with the President Giovanni Malagò

  • Italian Ski Federation
    with the President Flavio Roda

At this point of my career I can’t forget the persons who helped me to come where I am and the first thoughts goes to my parents, my first sponsors. I won’t forget Mr. Michele Calcaterra, the first to believe and invest in me with the brand E-Capital Partners. Since 2010 my personal sponsor is Banca Generali and for this I must say a BIG thank you to Antonio Nicastro and Piermario Motta, who unfortunately left us too soon. I owe a lot to the Centro Sportivo Carabinieri which enlisted me when I was only 17 and to which I’m proud to have presented the Olympic medal to be added to the Worlds silver won in 2011. My ski club Courmayeur Monte Bianco has played a very important role at the beginning of my career and I will never forget the many coaches who taught me to love skiing. My gratitude goes to: Monica Berthod, Paolo Broglio, André Grivel, Stefania Perrod, René, Laurent and Arturo Jacquemod, Osvaldo Picchiottino, Andrea Plat, Renato Xausa, Marcella Biondi, Alex Sabolo, Alessandro Aprato, Ettore Mosca Barberis, Emanuele Ravano, Rudy Picchiottino, Andrea Noris, and Franz Fassin, to whom are linked the best memories of my youth on skis. Also Ivan Nicco was really important for my growth: I trained with him only for one season, because he did such a good job that I was selected for the National team very early! An indispensable person for me is Gigi Devizzi who always puts me back together when I’m in pieces. There are also other persons to which must go my gratitude: Mr. Roger Abondance, great product manager for Rossignol who in 1992 made me my first pair of true carved skis; Roberto Cristoforetti, who is making my Lange ski boots since always, lately with the help of Stefano Macori as well. A big thank you to all the coaches I have had in the National Team and to my skimen, from Nicola Martini, with whom I shared the joy of my first WC podium to Juri Hofer to Mauro Sbardellotto, with me since 2013 and hopefully till the end of my career. Thanks also to the persons who supported me on the physical side, a task that today is carried on by Federico Colli, and thank you also to Roberto Greco, who is helping me on the mental side.

The last thank you, the most important, is for my family. My brother Davide, who has always pushed me to give my best because doing sport together I didn’t want to be worse than him and who is now on my side all the time. My mum Ninna, who is a friend first of all and helps me a lot for all the practical things in my life. My dad Daniele, who was my trainer when I was a kid and since then has given me the best and most precious technical advice. None of them ever pushed me to ski or to be good, they just always believed in me, maybe even more than I do!

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