Born in: Milano
On: July 14th 1990
Place of residence: La Salle (AO)
Family: father Daniele (ski Instructor and coach), mother Maria Rosa Quario (former World Cup athlete, journalist), brother Davide (her personal trainer)
Competing for: Carabinieri Sporting Group
Studies: Secondary School Diploma – University: 2 years at SUISM in Turin
Weight: between 59 and 62 kilos, it depends on the time of the year!
Height: 167 cm
Colour: blue
Number: 1, especially if it’s my ranking
Holiday place: Costa Corallina in Sardinia
Favourite dish: melanzane alla parmigiana, ice cream and all kind of vegetables
Car: Audi A6

Other sports: surf, climbing, tennis, golf, trekking, canoe… everything that is in the offer! It’s difficult to find a sport I have never done at least once!
Hobbies: coking, reading, dancing (from Latin-American on)
Singer: Dire Straits and Tracy Chapman
My favorite book: the trilogy of Stieg Larsson
The movie I could watch every day: none, because it would be too boring!
Social network: instagram
The App: igelato
Always in my luggage… a pair of thongs
My favorite skier: Kristian Ghedina
My favorite sport champion: Roger Federer
Personal gear: skis, bindings and poles ROSSIGNOL, ski boots LANGE, helmet & goggles ROSSIGNOL, ski gloves LEVEL, protections DAINESE
Other Sponsors: VALLE D’AOSTA, outdoor clothes ROSSIGNOL, training clothes ADIDAS, fitness gear TECHNOGYM, Acqua Alma, Noberasco, Rio Mare e Breitling


I was born in Milan on July the 14th. My birthday is the same day as the National Day in France, where I used to celebrate it when I was a kid, thinking that all those fireworks were in my honor!

I began skiing when I was one and a half years old, walking with a plastic pair of skis wherever it was possible, mostly on the carpets of our flat in Milan. When I was 2, in a narrow road behind my grandparents’ flat in Courmayeur, I had a lot of fun going down like a plane and stopping against a wall of snow at the end of the “slope”.


On February 1994, leaving for Lillehammer for the Winter Olympic Games where she worked as a journalist, my mum left me in Courmayeur with my grandma Adriana, who put me in the ski school. They had to change me into a different class every day, as my progress was so quick!

In July 1996, when I was 6, we moved from Milan to Aosta Valley in the small village of La Salle, and I enrolled at the school and also the ski club in Courmayeur. In 1997 I won my first race, the social end-of-year race.

Skiing has always been a great passion for me. I went mad when my parents didn’t wake me up in the morning, during the Christmas holidays, because they thought it was not a good day for skiing, or to let me rest for a while. I never feared the cold, the wind or the stormy conditions. Skiing in powder snow was for me the best thing of all, training between poles was not my favorite thing, but I loved doing any kind of competition, also stupid ones like the longest jump!

It would be too long now to tell you all my story as a skier; when I was a kid I thought that winning a world cup race would be a piece of cake, I couldn’t imagine how long and hard the way would be to even go and race with the best in the world!

My very first big satisfaction was 4th place in the Italian national GS Topolino Trophy and the consequent qualification for the international race. I confirmed that good result a few days later winning the superG in the Italian national championship in my category. It was 2005.

My dream has always be to become an allrounder skier, good in every discipline, and in 2009 I realized it was possible, as I won the gold medal at the Junior World Champs, in the combined, and did points in all disciplines in the European Cup. Same thing happened to me already, at the highest level, in the World Cup. It was also a great accomplishment to be able to win races in GS, Super G and Combined. The road is still long and difficult, but I’m on it and I don’t want to stop now…